Portable wifi

Portable Wifi

Collect payments from your customers anywhere, at any time.

Choose a Portable Wifi card machine to take on-site payments. Ideal for shops, cafes, restaurants and offices. There's no need for a fixed till location, you can be on the shop floor interacting with your customers, showing them your products and services and taking fast payments there and then.


No need for a fixed till location.


Take secure payments at the table, bar or shop floor straightaway.

All Cards

Accepts all major credit and debit cards, including contactless, Apple and Google Pay.

Easy Setup

Simple to set up and use

Portable Wifi uses Bluetooth to connect to your card reader, enabling you and your staff to take single payments or multiple orders at the same time. There are no trailing wires so you can move around freely and still receive safe and secure payments at the table, bar or shop floor.


Portable wifi

Great Range

Bluetooth coverage of 50m from base.

Portable wifi

Long Battery Life

Long lasting battery life, suitable for a high volume of transactions.

Portable wifi

All Cards

Accepts chip and PIN, contactless, Apple and Google Pay.

Portable wifi


Lightweight and easy to carry.

Could your business benefit from a portable Wifi card reader for yourself or your staff to collect faster payments from customers?

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