Mobile GPRS

Mobile GPRS

Take secure payments while you're on the move.

Mobile card readers are the answer for taking payments anywhere at any time. The compact card reader is the perfect solution if you want to receive payments from your customer's premises or while you're out on the road.

It's an ideal method for delivery drivers to collect payment when a product is dropped off, or for a tradesperson to raise an invoice and take payment in part or in full. Mobile card readers are popular with traders at craft markets, street food vendors, window cleaners and hairdressers. They're used by thousands of individuals, businesses and organisations in almost every trade and sector, every day.


Collect payment anywhere at any time (mobile network coverage required).


Perfect for collecting payment from secure orders received by email, post or telephone.

All Cards

Accepts all major credit and debit cards, including contactless, Apple and Google Pay.


Light, compact card reader with thermal printer and LCD colour screen.

No Fees

Zero maintenance fees.

Mobile card readers use 3G to connect to the best GPRS signal in your area. It works using a SIM card, similar to a mobile phone, and enables the connection between the card reader and your merchant account. The mobile technology means you don't need to be in your office to collect payments. It speeds up the process of receiving payments and improves cashflow.


Mobile GPRS

Built in GPRS

The GPRS SIM card is built into your card reader, no need for a separate device.

Mobile GPRS

Long Battery Life

Long lasting battery life with optional in-car charger.

Mobile GPRS


Lightweight and easy to carry.

Mobile GPRS

Easy Setup

Simple to set up and can be used straightaway.

Could your business benefit from a mobile card reader for yourself or your staff to collect faster payments from customers?

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